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Cloud Based

Cloud-based solution with the highest levels of security, privacy and control

Multi Party

Ideally suited to complex multi-party ecosystems, transactions and agreements

Uniquely Linked

Physical, digital, transaction and process data, all linked together as a single source of truth

Secure Data

Secure, trusted, protected, permanent, durable and incorruptable records

What is a Digital Cognate?

A Digital Cognate is a uniquely identifiable and cryptographically protected virtual representation, linked to an identifiable real world physical asset. The Digital Cognate will hold all required commercial, compliance and historical detail relating to that asset.

Digital Cognates enable previously unknown, separate and multiple parties within an ecosystem to securely connect and transact with each other in complete trust and transparency.

How It Works

The Digital Cognate aggregates all the necessary affinity data, sources, approvals and time stamps associated and according to the agreed business rules, pre-defined work flows and permissioned access rights.

It then securely hashes this data, ensuring security, privacy, immutability and authentication.

The Digital Cognate is then stored in the AWS QLDB, enjoying all the benefits of a cloud solution including high speed, low cost, system durability, scalability, accessibility, agility and sustainability.

Developed using the same cryptographic mathematics and techniques as blockchain – but without all the disadvantages or limitations of a public distributed ledger network – the Digital Cognate offering is based on a unique centralised solution that directly integrates with your existing legacy systems and workflows.

It is quick and easy to implement, scalable, resilient, transparent and highly secure.

Safe, Secure, Hosted and Resilient

Digital Cognate is a centralised, cloud-based solution that has been specifically designed for business applications that require the highest levels of security, privacy or control for massively complex, classified or sensitive data, processes or agreements.

High speed, highly scalable, durable, permanent, flexible and easy to implement, manage and control, Digital Cognates can both store vast quantities of data and also facilitate critical business transactions, processes and workflows.

The Future

The core applications - Physical to digital, Digital to digital, Risk management, audit and control, and Assets, logistics and inventory - are only the beginning of Digital Cognate’s capabilities.

We are already developing a number of additional ground-breaking new applications for Digital Cognate:

  • Functionality providing the basis for Ricardian Contracts, i.e., machine-readable contracts, immutably linked to a human-readable version which will be legally binding 
  • Tokens with intrinsic value that can be transferred or used as collateral
  • Digital Cognate as a "bridge" between centralised clou-based asset creation and transfer via distributed ledgers
  • The legal status of" Non Fungible Digital Cognates" deriving from Digital Cognate’s unique structure

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered

1What is a Digital Cognate?
A Digital Cognate is a uniquely identifiable and cryptographically protected virtual representation linked to an identifiable “real world” asset. The Digital Cognate embodies the custodianship and preserves all the ownership and commercial history related to the asset. Digital Cognates constitute a user-created asset class with intrinsic value. Digital Cognate is a cloud-based platform to allow users to create their own Digital Cognates.
2What is unique about it?
The Digital Cognate enables parties who may have not built-up trust between themselves to have complete trust in the integrity and inviolability of a real-world asset in which they are transacting. The asset may be digital or physical in origin as long as it is uniquely identifiable. The Digital Cognate is secure-by-design against tampering, and provides an incorruptible audit trail of commitments between all associated parties. Compliance can be confirmed by third parties (e.g., regulators) without their having access to commercially or other sensitive details.
3What are the benefits of using Digital Cognate?
By ensuring complete trust, a Digital Cognate enables the creation of an asset class in which complete trust in the integrity of the asset and associated agreements maximises the speed and minimises the cost and risk of transactions.
4What problems do Digital Cognate solve?
Breaches of internal compliance processes, misuse or misappropriation of data, or fraudulent or misguided claims and counter claims can lead to unnecessary cost and even litigation.
5How does it work?
The system uses the mathematics of one– and two–way hashing, combined with algorithms for steganographic and cryptographic linking of data blocks in an immutable archive.
6How does the Digital Cognate operate?
The Digital Cognate Platform operates via an Application Programme Interface (API’s), as a light overlay alongside existing systems deployed by multiple parties. It creates a unique immutable and incorruptible digital asset (the “Digital Cognate”) incorporating the identity, intrinsic value and all affinity data related to a real-world object. By encrypting the Unique Identification (UID) on an NFC chip or other marker, a Digital Cognate can also represent a physical object, transforming “track and trace” into a system which can truly store value.
7What added value do Digital Cognates provide?
Digital Cognates protects company integrity, provides clarity where there is confusion, trust where there is doubt, and confidence where there is uncertainty.