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Introducing The Next Generation of Trust Technology Solutions

Digital Cognate is far more than just a database, workflow, or digital solution.  Digital Cognate is a next generation trust technology solution, enabling businesses to operate both more securely and sustainably, and with far greater trust and certainty than ever before.

Digital Cognate is an innovative deep tech cloud-based approach to provenance, trust, process and procedure.

Ideally suited to complex multi-party ecosystems, Digital Cognate securely holds and manages all your data and process detail to satisfy even the most secure and stringent of all audit, governance and compliance requirements.

Immutably linking both the tangible and / or intangible to a unique digital asset, incorporating its identity, intrinsic value and all associated affinity data, the Digital Cognate is a trusted, resilient, and transparent record that enables real time controlled-access to critical business insights and data.

Digital Cognate - Encapsulating Trust

Connected | Secure | Complete


Enclosing in or as if within a capsule; Expressing concisely and succinctly; Enclosing in a set of codes which allow transfer across networks


A firm belief in someone or something; an acceptance of the truth without the need for further evidence or investigation


Brought together and to establish a link, related, mutually joined, for access and communication


Fixed or fastened so as not to give way, become loose or lost; certain to remain safe, protected and unthreatened


With all the necessary or appropriate parts required; entire; in total; in full; without gaps or omission


Digital Cognate offers a reliable way of avoiding the risk of expensive disputes about the detail of transactions, months or years after a deal was made

The Digital Cognate platform allows commercial businesses, government organisations and regulatory authorities to create a record of agreed transaction, immutably and incorruptibly protected, so that it can never be changed without creating a new record highlighting those changes

The Digital Cognate’s cloud-based approach avoids the need for distributed ledgers, ensuring greater speed, control and security

Digital Cognate’s unique physical to digital construct, its tamperproof, incorruptible and infinite capacity, can easily transform your legacy systems into trust worthy records, that will future proof your business, while also meeting the most exacting audit and compliance requirements of today

Problem Solving

Digital Cognate solutions enable you to:

  • Manage risks across multiple stakeholders and a range of disciplines
  • Capture, assess and archive these risks
  • Align stakeholders from the boardroom to the production line
  • Assemble the best people, processes and data to achieve an outcome
  • Decipher the key correct messages and signals  from the noise of disparate data silos
  • Share your processes to prevent sanctions and penalties
  • Archive the data to resolve disputes and improve future performance

Physical vs Digital Assets

Physical (or tangible) assets, are objects of value that have a real material presence. Physical assets include things like property, plant, and equipment as well as inventories.

Digital (non-physical or intangible) assets now outweigh the value of an organisation's physical assets many times over, as a result of advances in technology and the all-pervasive impacts of digital transformation. Intangible assets of intrinsic value include databases, software and systems, property or personal rights, copyright and intellectual property, digital contracts, NFTs, brand value, websites, domain names and crypto-assets.

Digital Cognate’s technology and approach offers equally robust assurances of security and integrity for both physical and digital assets.

Seamless Integration

Defined, built and managed by the user, your custom Digital Cognate solution is based on a consensus of the required affinity data, pre-define work flows and business rules.

Your Digital Cognate solution will directly integrate with your existing systems, quickly becoming core to your organisation’s infrastructure and processes and procedures.

Once implemented, your platform will immediately start providing mission-critical data and actionable insights to support real time business decision making and to create a permanent record for assurance for audit, control and governance purposes.

A Trusted Ecosystem

Digital Cognates enable multiple parties, including those with no previous relationship to each other,  to connect securely and transact with each other in an environment of complete trust and transparency.

Digital Cognate works using permissioned access control with immutable archives, access logs, non-erasure and time-stamped control, giving you full confidence in the data being held as a genuine single source of truth for all parties.

An Evolution of Security and Trust

As more and more assets are now able to be digitised, they can change hands more frequently and easily. The ability to maintain an immutable record with appropriate access rights therefore becomes essential. Paper contracts, excel files and PDFs on shared drives and traditional closed systems are no longer fit for purpose.

Digital Cognate

  • Less risk
  • Lower costs
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Greater level of security and trust

Manual Records

  • Can often be lost, mislaid or misfiled, incomplete or insufficient
  • Easily contested without the necessary chain of trust and assured audit trail

Simplifying and Securing Your Transactional Data

  • Private centralised cloud-based solution; highly scalable, durable, permanent and flexible
  • Completely transparent system linking together all assets, transaction and affinity data
  • Absolute trust and confidence in data integrity; uniquely immutable and incorruptible linked records
  • Real time access to mission critical data, business insights and intelligence
  • Full permissioned access control with immutable archives, access logs, non-erasure and time stamp functionality
  • Functions according to automated business rules, tasks and approval processes
  • Facilitates clear procedural stage gates, approval processes and compliance for audit and governance purposes
  • Reduces the impact of mistrust, and misinterpretation, helping to resolve potentially subjective or fraudulent claims and litigation
  • Easily and cost effectively integrates into multiple existing systems
  • Major transformation results without the exceptional transformational costs