Investment Opportunity

Investment Proposition

Digital Cognate’s deep tech solution powers an innovative approach to provenance and trust:

  • Immutably securing the integrity of logical and physical data across multi-party ecosystems, offering a full audit trail with real-time reporting and multi-party permissioned accessibility
  • It achieves this without the use of blockchain (distributed ledger) technology
  • The secure physical/digital link is a particularly significant differentiator

As more and more assets become digital and change hands more frequently, the ability to maintain an immutable record with appropriate access rights becomes essential. Paper contracts, excel files on shared drives and traditional closed systems are no longer fit for purpose.

Digital Cognate’s platform easily transforms legacy systems into trustworthy records which meet the most exacting audit and compliance requirements.

Our solution allows trading companies, government organisations and others to create a record of agreed transactions and store it in the cloud immutably and incorruptibly, so that it can never be changed without creating a new record that highlights these amendments.

Business Model

Digital Cognate creates proprietary software, which in most cases, it licenses to channel partners who will remain the first point of contact with their customers. Digital Cognate supports its software direct or through channel partners.

Technology Overview

The Digital Cognate platform has been developed using cryptographic mathematic and techniques as a unique centralised, cloud-based solution. This makes it quick and easy to implement, highly scalable, fast, resilient, transparent, and secure. Its simple interface ensures that creating immutable records becomes an automatic process without adding to operators’ workload. Once implemented, it becomes core to the user’s infrastructure and ecosystem, offering the prospect of long-term licences with recurring revenues.

Strategic Leadership

DocuChain Ltd (t/a Digital Cognate) was founded in 2018 with a goal to develop technologies that embody trust across multi-party ecosystems and both physical and virtual objects. 

The business has recently appointed new leadership and is poised to commercialise its innovative technology. Paul McCarthy, who has 25 years business leadership experience in IT, has been appointed Interim CEO, with Dr David Landsman OBE, an experienced corporate and public sector leader, assuming the role of Chairman. David has been on the Board for the last three years and Paul for two years, both have an excellent understanding of the business, market and opportunity.

Benefits to Investors


The Digital Cognate solution is easy and cost effective to implement, highly attractive to potential users, scalable, flexible and also extremely secure

Digital Cognate is especially attractive to users who want all the benefits of blockchain (and more) but are looking for an alternative solution

Once implemented, the Digital Cognate platform becomes core to the user’s infrastructure and ecosystem, offering a strong prospect of recurring revenues

We licence to world-class channels leveraging their market power and understanding of use cases, while minimising our customer-facing execution risk

Ground-breaking applications in the development roadmap take Digital Cognate into the LegTech and Digital Assets markets

Investment Opportunity

We are always happy to discuss any new interests you may have in investment opportunities with Digital Cognate. For further information, enquiry or contact please get in touch with us via or your usual Digital Cognate contact.