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Delivering absolute certainty, Digital Cognate® is an innovative cloud-based approach to business transactions that protects the integrity of complex data, securely linking and locking a uniquely identifiable virtual data store to a defined real-world object or physical asset.

Ensuring maximum levels of privacy, data control and assurance,
Digital Cognate provides a full audit trail with complete transparency,
real-time reporting and multi-party permissioned accessibility.



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Global Context

The world of business, commerce and public service is constantly evolving and becoming ever more connected. Complex multi-party ecosystems are increasingly becoming the norm and there is an ever greater need for real-time shared data, certainty and trust.

  • Physical to digital transformation is now commonplace for every business across the globe
  • Every business decision is subject to audit, compliance and governance 
  • Global trade depends on innovative technology to overcome friction at borders
  • Individual transactions are increasing in value, but at the risk of extremely costly disputes
  • Insurance and risk management policies are becoming increasingly complicated

The Challenge

Static documents are no longer sufficient to meet the exacting needs of today’s businesses and organisations. The ability to have full confidence in the integrity of data both in real time and permanently for audit, governance and compliance purposes is now an absolute must-have.

A next generation trust technology solution is needed. 

A solution that has complete security, sustainability and accessibility at its core. A permanent and living digital asset that due to the very nature of its design, also acts as a statement of its authority, assurance and authenticity.


The Technology


Cloud Based

Cloud-based solution with the highest levels of security, privacy and control

Multi Party

Ideally suited to complex multi-party ecosystems, transactions and agreements

Uniquely Linked

Physical, digital, transaction and process data, all linked together as a single source of truth

Secure Data

Secure, trusted, protected, permanent, durable and incorruptable records

The Solution

This technology already exists.

It is called Digital Cognate