Business Critical Applications

Digital Cognate is the ideal technology and solution
for a number of different business critical applications

Physical to Digital

In many sectors and geographies, a physical object remains the cornerstone of a business.

Digital Cognate provides an intelligent gateway from the physical object through to a digital authentication portal, for example secure document and certificate authentication.

Examples include:

  • Scanning a physical document to open up access to a portal containing verified detail and content, providing a full and trusted digital validation of the document’s claims
  • The authentication of a unique object's provenance, value and ownership for items such as: 
      - high-value spare-parts, machinery and equipment
      - high-value pre-loved markets, marques of distinction and collectors items
      - high-value luxury branded items such as haute couture, diamonds and apparel
  • Authenticating subcontractor identity and qualification status via the use of smart badges
  • Automated verification of tickets and access to facilities, resources and events
  • Provenance and authentication of regional specialities and delicacies, such as craft whisky, wines and speciality gins, authentic olive oil, champagnes etc
  • Proof of authenticity for medicines, pharmaceuticals and even pure bottled water
  • The tracing and verification of a variety of items including tagged recycled packaging

Digital to Digital

Digital assets today represent a major source of value, and so require that same encapsulated trust as physical assets. This need will grow as digital transformation  continues to gather speed.

A Digital Cognate solution encompasses an intangible digital asset’s full scope and definition, with all associated, linked, transactional and affinity data, to both ensure and enable the records’ protection, transparency, ownership, trade and transfer.

Key Digital to Digital applications include:

  • Insurance of digital assets and or the definition and protection of insurance models, mechanisms and plans
  • Definition of an organisation’s Brand Value incorporating and locking in the intangibles of its reputation, image, online presence, profile and protection
  • Personal digital assets and documents of value including digital wills, powers of attorney and or an individual's medical records
  • Ownership, sale and transfer of a piece of art, access to music rights or any other intellectual property rights not “physically” owned or possessed
  • Permissioned, protected and trusted access to personal keys protecting cryptocurrency ownership
  • And at the very forefront of development, Digital Cognates have the adaptability to align to or conform with future legal “procession” regulations or industry requirements such as the potential for Trade Documentation (eg Bills of Lading) transitioning into an all-electronic format

Risk Management, Audit, Governance and Control

Where the business and its reputation depend on having trust in all historical documentation, all associated affinity data and authorisations are securely and immutably held for the purpose of audit, compliance, corporate governance, model control and stage gate approval processes.


The examples below include insurance / reinsurance processes, contract management and new product development procedures.

  • Providing access to all the key information, documentation, accreditations and certificates from all of your suppliers’, all available in a single, trusted, secure and immutable archive
  • Maintaining all the key documents associated within a complex multi-party transaction including agreements and approvals, as a living record of decisions, authorities and progress
  • Organising and processing work flow processes and procedures effectively, efficiently and with absolute confidence for audit and compliance purposes
  • Accessing the affinity data for a decision made 5 years ago, when no one who was involved at the time is available today to authenticate
  • Meeting a requirement to hold compliance documents and certification for every raw material of every product you build over the next 50 years

Asset Management, Supply Chain, Logistics and Inventory Control

With a common and secure data set for all users within an ecosystem, allowing permissioned access and authorisation rights for upload and compliance, Digital Cognate can facilitate global supply chain, borderless trade and complex real-time track and trace journey tracking solutions.

Examples include the potential to:


  • Facilitate multi-party permissioned access in order to fully track and trace goods, every step of their journey and through the entire supply chain
  • Ensure the engagement of all stakeholders involved within a global trade operation within a single hub, where they can collectively share information, data, updates and required certification 
  • The ability to associate every source detail, certificate of origins and serial numbers, for every single component and raw material used in the manufacture of your product – and make that information transparent and accessible to all subsequent parties in the supply chain
  • Instil sufficient trust so that borderless trade can operate securely and effectively, satisfying all relevant authorities of the integrity of process and authenticity of associated documentation