Whether you are in the Boardroom, leading a business unit or overseeing audit and compliance, effective risk management is a key success factor

Digital Cognate applications provide trustworthy access to the data you need to monitor, control and optimise outcomes in complex multi-party ecosystems

Securely operate across silos, manage risk in real-time with contextualised dashboards and risk alerts, satisfy audit and compliance requirements with immutable archives

Cloud-based API-driven platform saves administrative resource
and minimises transformation costs
A competitive edge in managing risk, governance and compliance Contact Us Use Cases

Digital Cognate applications provide real-time,
line-of-sight on the risks that matter

  • Asset Managers – managing diverse, multi-jurisdictional asset pools; capturing, managing and archiving key agreements, product and portfolio data, covenants, warranties, title, governance and compliance data
  • Global Traders – including importers, exporters, customs and border agencies, financers, insurers, logistics providers; who must work from a shared, but permissioned, and immutable digital record
  • Manufacturers – certifying process best practice; real time visibility of supply chain security; capturing asset integrity and its intrinsic value; and monitoring enterprise and value chain sustainability
  • Government – managing privileges and entitlements to improve citizen services; fraud prevention; enhancing tax collection

Competitive Advantage


Total Control

How does Digital Cognate deliver value

  • Real-time critical information aggregated from multiple sources with laser focus on agreed KPIs
  • Inviolate Records of processes, data and outcomes facilitate compliance and protect against disputes
  • Easy to use interfaces for multiple levels from Boardroom to operations room
  • Platform overlays existing systems enabling secure low-cost interoperability

Brief Overview.

Digital Cognates will become the trusted building blocks of commerce and government, because they have intrinsic, authenticable value. 

Cognates are not an intermediate medium for the transfer of value. 

Cognates have intrinsic value, and therefore, define and protect value for any asset you designate.

A trustworthy platform for risk management,
binding contracts and value transfer

  • Immutable Centralised Archive creates a permanent trusted record of all data and transactions
  • Real-time Authentication to validate provenance and to resolve disputes
  • Natural Language Contracts human- and machine-readable and legally binding
  • Permissioned Access assigned to stakeholders with up to 3-factor authentication
  • Version Control of all data, which can be updated but never erased
  • Contextualised User Interfaces with fast customisation to meet application-specific requirements
  • Transfer of Value using tokenised trusted Digital Cognates for settlement or title transfer into a distributed ledger