Risk governance and compliance bars get higher every year. Your sources of data are growing exponentially and found in disparate silos in disparate formats held by disparate teams.  Such multi-party structures require a consensus-based, federated approach to risk management with real-time line of sight over each risk category.

Digital Cognate is not just a trusted record of your risks and outcomes, but a real time management tool which becomes your competitive advantage!

Value Drivers for Digital Cognate Use Cases:

  • How do you manage risks across multiple stakeholders and a range of disciplines?
  • How do you capture, assess and archive these risks?
  • How do you align stakeholders from the boardroom to the production line?
  • How do you assemble the best people, processes and data to achieve an outcome?
  • How do you extract the performance signal from the noise of disparate data silos?
  • How do you share your processes to prevent sanctions and penalties?
  • How do you archive the data to resolve disputes and improve future performance?

Financial services products and transactions can have lifetimes that last a few seconds or many decades.  Capturing these details optimises performance by ensuring that the products developed meet internal governance and provide audit trails for compliance.

All assets, tangible or intangible, are supported by affinity data that reflects the consensus of the transacting parties.  These constitute trusted points of evidence to all parties in the transaction and are held in an auditable, centralised, immutable archive.  

Sampling of outcomes:

  • Packaging of assets for liquidity management
  • Summaries of key elements and milestones for monetisation
  • Confirmation of the timing and content of internal and external reporting cycles
  • Product development processes and approvals
  • Archiving of models, contracts, SLAs, covenants, warranties, etc
  • Real time KYC and AML updates

Asset Managers

Global Trade & Logistics

Border protection and customs agencies, importers and exporters, logistics providers, bankers and insurers can accelerate trade and ensures its veracity by using the same set of data.  Missing or inaccurate data means that products can be held at borders, handled incorrectly causing damage, miss supply chain deadlines or even being impounded.

Digital Cognate aggregates the requisite data for all stakeholders, so that there is a common, secure data set that allows for shipments to be put into the “green lane”.  The Digital Trade Cognate is accessed by permissioned traders at a designated portal.

Digital Cognates represent the consensus-based intrinsic value of the goods and this can be captured in a natural language contract, allowing goods to be moved with assurance, and monitored in real time, and even legally accepted so that settlement can be triggered. Digital Cognates open a new chapter in frictionless trade based upon digital assets stored in a centralised trade database.

Sampling of outcomes:

  • Customs clearance
  • Supply chain security
  • Dangerous or perishable goods handling
  • Visibility and traceability interfaces
  • Goods, vehicle and driver security
  • Audit and enforcement
  • Acceleration of borderless trade
  • Certainty and finality of settlement

Manufacturers of complex, high-value platforms such as aerospace, defence, transport, construction and energy build to order.  Any mistake, oversight, miscommunication, incorrect data file or any other number of scenarios can have huge financial, operational, safety, reputational, compliance and regulatory implications.

A wide range of stakeholders ensure the quality of the final product and the happiness of customers.  This integrated value chain is complex: raw material and infrastructure providers, key component suppliers, production teams, testing and acceptance personnel at the factory and on site, local distributors and support personnel, and end user teams. 

Each member of the integrated value chain has a range of risk, governance and compliance   requirements.  They need accurate, transparent, timely data that is contextualised to delivering their contracted outcome and a final outcome for the OEM.

Sampling of outcomes:

  • Offset management
  • Supply chain security
  • Warranty management
  • Maintenance repair and overhaul
  • Capture performance telemetry
  • Insurance and regulatory compliance
  • Product development cycles
  • Acceptance and transfer of title
  • Customer records, contracts, SLAs



Globally governments must find new sources of revenue by capturing more “payers” in their tax nets and removing fraud from their tax disbursements.  Most government systems are siloed and use legacy systems which can result in citizens not receiving entitlements and privileges, and others committing fraud or avoiding payments.

Privileges and entitlements must link a physical document, its legitimate holder, and the real time management of their rights.  This dictates that the physical document and / or an equivalent smartphone application are “intelligent gateways” to a government portal that holds a “digital twin” of the entitlement or privilege and provides up to three-factor authentication of its holder.

The use, term and validity of the entitlement are tracked on the portal and administered on a permissioned basis by the citizen and an approved government agent. 

Sampling of outcomes:

  • Voting
  • Trade licenses
  • Education, housing and healthcare privileges
  • Universal basic income
  • Pandemic programmes
  • Taxation and fraud
  • Vehicle registration and drivers’ licences
  • Land titles
  • Benefits administration